Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Run in the Park

Cherry Blossom time in the District is such a beautiful time of the year. The cold, bitter winter is over and spring is breaking out all over in a soft splash of pinks, whites and reds.

I have gotten up to running four times a week, four miles each time. Late last month I ran through the tiny Japanese-American Memorial Park in the District because it is always so striking this time of the year.

The park, a beautifully compact memorial to the rugged American spirit of the wrongly interred Japanese-Americans living on the west coast at the outbreak of WW2, is a hushed, haunting yet uplifting space, where two intertwined cranes, bound by barbed wire, struggle to break free from their imprisonment. The names of the various internment camps created in the nation's interior, interspersed with inspirational slogans, line the walls.

Enjoy. I certainly enjoyed the run.


Just_because_today said...

what a feeling eh? to run again. A beautiful surrounding makes it all the better

blue-haired lady said...

It's wonderful to see the pictures. I visited the memorial in summer 2001 before it was finished. The foreman let me walk through it because I had sought it out, even though it wasn't finisherd yet, was out of the way, and was unpublicized. He stated that he had let others look also, and before working on this memorial he hadn't realized what deep feelings it would stir. Nice to see it done.