Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Good News

I am happy to report that my running buddy of days past had successful spinal surgery yesterday to restore normal functions in his perambulation that have been disrupted for the past couple of years by two degenerated disks, a condition which was only diagnosed a few weeks ago by a neurosurgeon. See my post two postings ago.

After years of doctors having no answers to my friend's debilitating, life-changing ailments and pain, he was referred to a neurosurgeon by a physical trainer. Neurosurgery ensued mere weeks later, with hopefully fully effective results.

He's already home, although he's in a lot of pain. They cut open the back of his neck, in effect, and snaked implements down his throat as they worked.

It sounds awful, but he's already been walking about a little, carefully, and he reports that his leg pains are gone. Maybe it's only a result of the pain medication, but he is very upbeat. (Right: My past running buddy & friend is looking forward to a full recovery after serious spinal surgery.)

He's already graciously wishing me success in my much-more-minor surgery scheduled tomorrow. We're both ready to get to the recovery!


Just_because_today said...

no matter what pain we must endure to restore mobility, it's worth it. Good luck to your friend and hope he walks or runs with you soon

Don said...


I hope your surgery went well and that you will be able to return to running soon.

Remember, it only hurts when you laugh.


Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

I am glad your friend came out okay and I hope your surgery went well too!

peter said...

Everyone here is so right on. Myriam, I told my running buddy today that the surgery is behind us (his was much more serious) & every day brings us closer to running those miles. Don, you're right, laughing hurts but WTF? Danielle, my friend is doing well (going up stairs & demonstrating 1-legged balances [showing off]) & my surgery went fabulously, thanks!