Monday, November 14, 2011

My Mile

I'm about to embark upon two weeks of travel with only one night's return to home so I'm kind of busy preparing for that. No time today for my customary Monday noontime run on the Mall.

So I ran a mile this morning in my neighborhood, to save time, get a run in and see where I'm at. In August I ran my neighborhood mile in 8:01 and I was satisfied with that then.

Today it was hard, as I think my ninety minutes of Bikram (hot) Yoga yesterday still has me wiped out. I brought my run home in 7:55, which I'm happy with since I wanted to do it in under eight.

That's not much progress since August as I return from my year's layoff due to injury and it's almost a minute off my old standard (break seven) but it's where I'm at. As I close in fast on 60, at least I'm out there, sucking the cool morning air into my aching lungs, legs burning, chest heaving, body alive and pushing, watching the canopy of autumn leaves with their brilliant fall colors pass by overhead.


Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

Shaving 5 seconds off your mile despite being tired from yoga is definitely an accomplishment! I find increasing my mile pace at these shorter distances to be way harder than at longer distances.

Joe the Novelist said...

Safe travels and have a good Thanksgiving. Let's go running afterwards -- although I'm on travel for a week after Thanksgiving. Maybe after that.

Just_because_today said...

I totally relate, totally relate.