Monday, May 28, 2012

Honor Roll

Happy Memorial Day to my Grandfather Lamberton (WWI) and my Dad (Peleliu & Okinawa), Uncle Harry (Fast Carriier Strike Force, Bronze Star), Uncle Bill (Philippines), Uncle Bob (B-26 pilot in the Mediterranean & North Africa) and all the other World War II veterans I knew growing up, as well as my brother Jack (below in Lebanon in 1982).
Also to my Great-Great-Grandfather Daniel Webster Clark (Andersonville POW camp), my friend John (Vietnam), my friend David (Special Forces Army), my friend Bill Hovanic (helicoptor pilot in Vietnam who lost a leg), my former workmate Larry (Vietnam era Army), my cousin Bob (Vietnam era Army), my nephew Ben's Uncle Willis (on the Vietnam Wall), my ex-wife's Uncle Billy (Normandy Landings), her Dad (Korea era Army), her cousin Brad's son (1st Iraq War), my former neighbor Rich (Korea), my friend's Dad Seymour (Patton's Third Army) and my running acquaintance Adam (KIA Afghanistan).

I honor you all, and anyone I failed to mention. Thank you.

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