Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mt. Hood

Come with me on my continuing tour of my Great Northwest trip when I went there on vacation last month.  On Day 1, after flying into Portland, I saw the Mariners play in Seattle and went up in the Space Needle to enjoy the view of Puget Sound.  On Day 2 I hiked around Mt. Rainier National Park.  On Day 3 I drove into Idaho, the last state in the mainland that I hadn't visited.

On Day 4 I drove west through Washington for awhile, then crossed the Columbia River and drove towards Portland alongside that great river.  Lewis and Clark traversed it in 1805 to finish off their trip to the Pacific when they explored the purview of the Louisiana Purchase for President Jefferson. 

 I drove around Mt. Hood, the largest mountain in Oregon.  It's a currently dormant volcano that someday will undoubtedly blow its top with the same deadly effect that Mount St. Helens did in 1980 in Washington.

Then I hung a louie and went south a few hours.  I wanted to see a spectacular sight the next day.

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