Thursday, December 20, 2012


A friend recently complained that the word recognition guard on the comment section of my blog was hard to manipulate.  Since new blogger, run by the vaunted google I surmise, has spam guard, I decided to eliminate word recognition for commenting and allow anyone to comment freely and easily, just like I used to before scurrilous spam started populating the comment section of my posts a few years ago.

Bad idea.  Within a week I had dozens of Anonymous comments to posts old and new.

Some of the "comments" were for products like parkas and curatives and went on for paragraphs and paragraphs.  Others contained URLs that I wouldn't recommend clicking into.

Word recognition for posting comments is back and I'll see the spammers in hell, where my former family is sure I'll go.  If anyone ever wants to contact me, my email is, my home phone is listed in Northern Virginia, my work phone in the District hasn't changed in 22 years and I live in the same house where my three sons spent their formative years all those years when I was coaching or managing their various soccer teams.

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