Sunday, January 20, 2013

MLK Day Holiday

It's hard to believe it's been four years since President Obama's first inauguration.  What a new beginning that was, after the Worst Ever.

Four years later we have near-universal health care, a re-dedication to necessary regulation of the reckless risk takers that are Wall Street MBAers, a much better acceptance of out-of-the "norm" characteristics in persons, a dead mass-murderer of Americans, lots of dead terrorists without any DP or real oversight except for one man's, and more confidence in the future.  Second terms are historically tough, though.

Tomorrow is the public swearing in as well as the Martin Luther King holiday,  I'm staying away from the District, crowded as it will be with out-of-towners.  On Friday I ran to the King Memorial on the Tidal Basin and walked through it in commemoration of Dr. King.

Tomorrow on the MLK Day holiday I will be at the Stray Cat Cafe (just down from the Lost Dog Cafe) at noon for lunch.  Hope you'll join me, Jimmy Johnny and/or Danny, and we can start catching up on the last six years of silence. 


Anonymous said...

Did they turn up?

A Plain Observer said...

I'm glad you are still putting the invitation out there. Never give up

Anonymous said...

Great Post stop by for our Fitness Friday Blog Hop tomorrow.