Saturday, March 9, 2013

I hadn't done those rollers in over a year

I ran with John and H today on the hilly Custis Trail.  We were slated for five miles but an injury brought us up short at 4.2 miles.

It was my best run in a while.  There are two ferocious hills on the trail and I steamed up them like old times while John and H doggedly hung onto me.  I hadn't been on those high rollers since late 2011.

I also ran by many acquaintances I knew from my former running club, of which I used to be president and now no longer have anything to do with, Kevin, Mary Anne, Sasha, Roger and the current president, who as usual pretended he didn't see me.  This last mention is a classic case of See ya Wouldn't want to be ya (when someone finally figures out what he's been up to).

A beautiful day in the greater DC area.  I hope North Korea doesn't rain on our parade anytime soon by obliterating these wonderful trails with its threatened nuclear strike on DC.

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