Monday, May 27, 2013


As I listen to the dull rumble of Rolling Thunder on the highways near my house, happy Memorial Day to all.  JJ&D, I'll be running the Falls Church Memorial Day 3K fun run if you want to come and join in.

I want to recognize the service of all who have served to protect us and our way of life.  It's too many to shout them all out individually so I'll just call out a few by name and contemplate the rest.  A Tomb of the Unknown Soldier honor guard and a fellow I occasionally ran with, Adam Dickmyer (killed in Afghanistan in 2011).

My Dad (Peleliu and Okinawa) and Uncles Bill (Philippines), Bob (North Africa and Sicily) and Harry (Fast Carrier raids on Tokyo and the battles of the Philippine Sea).  My Grandfather (North Atlantic in WWI).

Seymour (Battle of the Bulge), Rich (Korea) and practically all the fathers I encountered when I was growing up (WWII).  My forebears who served the Union in the Civil War, my brother (Beirut 1983) and my several friends who served in Vietnam (Bill Hovanic lost a leg there), the Cold War and the Mid-East wars.  Thanks.

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