Friday, January 24, 2014

Insurance. HEY DANNY

I read an interesting article on health insurance recently.  (Health insurance doesn't really work well for its intended pool, the sick or injured, if it's profit based, as in, apparently, only the USA.)   It said that the ACA (Obamacare) is a godsend for the over-50 divorced woman.

I know about that.  I have a relative over 50 with a pre-existing condition who was dropped from her then-hubbie's coverage when he divorced her for a trophy wife and, well, she might as well have adopted the GOP plan (Just Die).

But now she has insurance, and has used it.  An Obamacare success story, although she had travails in getting signed up and it was a good thing she doesn't work currently so she could spend hours at the keyboard and on the phone trying to get signed up.

Hooray for the good guys.  And hey, youngest son, I have the best insurance in America, much better than your Mother's, it's the Federal Government Worker's single payor gold standard insurance (which should be what Obamacare adopted) so if you want to get good health coverage in that window while you're still under age 26 contact me!  (I haven't spoken to this lad in a decade, the divorce you know,  wherein in my opinion his Mother acted reprehensibly and overbore the will of a susceptible minor child in her "care" and put him under her inferior health care plan during the interminable litigation so I wouldn't know when she was taking him to yet another mental health "professional" for the purposes, in my opinion, of potential "recovered memory" testimony in court.)

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