Saturday, February 22, 2014

Adding Days & Miles

This week featured five runs totaling twenty-one miles, which is just where I want to be.  It started off quietly enough with a one-mile run on Sunday to the Metro garage, where I keep my car under cover during inclement weather, to pick up my car without a parking fee during off-hours.
Tuesday I ran four and a half miles at noon on the Mall with a co-worker; and Wednesday I did an LSD of 10K on the Mall with another co-worker who is pushing out her mileage as she prepares for a HM the month after next.  Thursday it was back to four and a half miles at noon with yet another co-worker, running the Hill twice (at the beginning and end of the run) as is customary in my runs on the Mall these days.
Today I went out to Fairfax and ran five and a third miles with John in an outing that was more akin to a hash-house outing (without the drinking at the end) than a regular run.  Because of the leftover snow mounds from last week's big storm still left piled on the sidewalks we ran down unaccustomed highways and byways that took us through unfamiliar places (backyards, marshy fields, alongside highways with no sidewalks) and uncertain elements (through patches of black ice, across snowpack, past hissing geese).
I'm not even recording the elapsed time of each outing anymore as my running style has changed so much from pre-injury (2009) to post-comeback (2011).  I've gone from a race a week to two races a year, and from track training and tempo runs to mere outings mostly in a social mode, but it keeps me out there running.

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