Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Surgery went well, thank you.

I was stunned by being friended then unfriended by my youngest son's wife on the day before my stomach surgery.  I was not looking forward to this invasive procedure of double abdominal incisions on August 12th, after waiting for six months to have it scheduled, so being friended by Danny's wife on August 11th and unfriended within the hour was, actually, an unwelcome distraction.

But PAS is a sinister reality in western society, destroying normal parental relations based upon the insidious knowledge possessed by all lawyers that the law is merely "the minimum of morality."  That would describe you, Sharon, mother of my children, you represent the lowest common denominator that the law struggles to encompass.

But almost three weeks later after surgery I am fine.  I ran 12 miles this week and I weigh the same as I did on the day of surgery.

I don't thank my offspring for checking on my condition, because they didn't, special children (now men) that they are.  Still, as always when I'm in town, on the next holiday, Labor Day, next Monday, I'll be having lunch as usual during the noon hour at the Lost Dog Cafe in Westover; maybe I'll see you then, JJD&L, eh?

I'm guessing not.  But rest assured that I'm fine after a painful recovery period, really I am, as are most or all Lambertons still alive, unfortunately you don't know a thing about those who departed in the last decade, including loving persons who held you as infants, because although I tried to inform you of these mournful passages, you three don't give a damn about such ordinary people.

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