Thursday, November 17, 2016

Hand Wringing

Trump's first week as president-elect has been, uh, interesting.  Selecting the outwardly racist and antisemitic (in my opinion) Stephen Bannon as one of his chiefs of staff is a bad indication for how the Trump administration might go.  Bannon's media platform Breitbart is the poster boy exhibiting all the scathing things said by many people about the mainstream press and its supposed biases.

I cannot believe Trump is going to be meeting with a prominent American ally's head, Japan's Prime Minister Abe, without the benefit of a single briefing from the State Department.  He don't need no stinkin' briefing, he just needs his gut instinct and the advice of his children, with their backgrounds solely in real estate, and their equally worldly spouses.

Whoo boy!  I remember Hillary's shoulder shimmy during the second debate and her exhorted Whoo boy! when she was laden with all of the real and supposed sins of Obama's eight years by the now-president elect.  I hope that's not a prescient reaction we'll all be doing someday.

After all the effort I put into the past campaign, I have no pangs of regret about the outcome because I did everything I could and will accept whatever happens no matter what (because we're all in this together as Americans), and maybe it'll be good?  I also believe that anybody protesting the outcome of the election now who didn't vote or threw away his or her vote on a green or a stoner candidate is contemptible, and can lie in his or her collective made-up bed forever if the outcome is bad.  It's just too bad that I and the rest of us might have to lie in the same bed these deplorables ensured was made up for us all by their immature actions or inactions.

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