Friday, April 14, 2017

Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness

I received a new camera from a friend for my birthday, a Canon SX720.  I immediately loved it as soon as I took it out of the box, and ran outside and snapped a picture of my house with it.

I sent the picture to the friend who gave me the present, who replied, "Great picture, great detail, now mow your lawn!"  The Canon shows great detail in the pictures it takes compared to my trusty Pentax Adventure camera, which is waterproof and shockproof and has served me faithfully for the past three and a half years during which I have carried it on almost all of my runs, through drenching rain bursts and hard falls on cement.

Contrast the image of the the beauty of a tulip, above, taken with the less advanced Pentax, and the image of the beauty of a tulip, below, taken with the more advanced Canon.  Going forward they'll both serve their functions, as the Pentax is rugged and will still accompany me on almost all my runs, whereas the Canon will perform as my artiste camera and will undoubtedly come along in a padded case on certain runs that promise to be safe enough in terms of conditions and terrain.

I've already had the Canon out on such a run, one that I undertook earlier this month with another friend to commemorate the 100 years since the entry of America into the Great War on April 6, 1917, during which we stopped at several of the WWI  memorials in the District such as the District's World War One Memorial on the National Mall.  On another note, with Easter hard upon us, I hope to see one or more of you for lunch on Sunday, JJ&D, and now Laura, and who knows who else?

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