Thursday, October 4, 2007


I was feelin' so bad, I asked my family doctor just what I had,
I said, Doctor, (Doctor) Mr. M.D., (Doctor)
Now can you tell me, tell me, tell me, what's ailin' me?" (Doctor)

He said, Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Yes, indeed, all you really need... 250MG Zithromax for five days.

I feel better already.

This website details what you should avoid while taking Zithromax, including exposure to sunlight. I sure hope Sunday, when I run the Chicago Marathon, is a cloudy day.

The forecast for Sunday in Chicago is continued unseasonably warm and humid. Highs may reach or exceed the record of 86 (1947). Incoming clouds late. High of 86, low of 67.

Uh-oh. I don't do so well in hot.

But my friend Dori dispensed some wisdom in her last post. A positive outlook results in a positive outcome. Well stated!

I've had plenty of support as I've gotten ready to run Chicago for a worthy cause. Through the largess of supporters (thanks Not Born To Run!) of my effort, I have met my goal of raising money to hopefully make a difference in the lives of some persons in East Africa who are less fortunate then me.

I will be running this race in appreciation of the contributions of Ashley, Beth, David, Hallie, Jack, Jeanne, Rhea, Rich and Susie to this worthy cause. My friend Ashley is injured and I am running the race in appreciation of all the generous people who contributed to her fund-raising effort as well.

See you at the finish line in Chicago!


Bex said...

Hope you're feeling better, Peter. I'm sure the meds are kicking in by now. All the best of luck on Sunday - I'll be tracking your progress online and via my cell phone. You'll do great!

Dori said...

Good luck, Peter! I can't wait to read your report. Stay positive. :-)

Mia said...

CAN'T WAIT to read your report...I was thinking about you all morning on my long run...

Just12Finish said...

I just read the race report on ESPN - hot! I hope you survived the heat.

Laufenweg said...

poor you being sick right before!!

how did it go?

jeanne said...

oh man what a day! i tracked you online. you must be hurting.

Dori said...

Hope you're doing OK.

ShoreTurtle said...

You know, I heard that song on the marathon course on Sunday. A lot of runners were feeling bad at that point of the race.