Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Anticipation of 2008

As the new year approaches, I find myself thinking about what I want to accomplish in 2008.

2006: Last year was a good year, primarily because I worked the track heavily. I broke four hours for the marathon finally, and set PRs at a mile, 2K, three miles, 8K, seven miles, 15K, ten miles, 20K, the Half, twenty miles and the Whole. I traveled to Florida to run in the Inaugural Walt Disney World Goofy Challenge and to California to run in the Inaugural Disneyland Half-Marathon.

2007: This year has been a gradual winding down for me, but I did PR at the marathon and 20-mile distances, won my age group in two races (including the only race that is run in my home town--bragging rights!) and ran sub-eights in a 10-mile race and during a 14.6 mile leg at the LPRM Relay (which included winning the coed division with my partner Bex). I traveled to California to run Leg One of the Lake Tahoe Relay on Bex's team. Most gratifying, I directed three different training programs for my running club. (Above: Bex was a coach in my club's 10K Training Program which I directed. At the Program's goal race, the Capitol Hill Classic 10K, she came in first in her age group in the sister 3K race.)

2008: What are my goals for next year? I have always had the goal of breaking 22 minutes in a 3-mile race (current PR, 22:09) and breaking 12,000 meters for a sixty-minute track run (current best, 11,800 meters). I would like to PR in the Half (current PR, 1:44:18) and break 3:45 in the Full. I would like to break 1:20 at another 10-miler and run a credible Leg Six (the awfullest leg) at the Lake Tahoe Relay for Bex's team. I would like to obtain coaching certification, and have one-half of the runners in training programs I direct meet or exceed their race goal. I would like my running buddy D to come back from serious injury so he can run the hills of SW with me again. I would also like to find another two running buddies similar to Bex and A, who both moved away this year, two dedicated runners and talented ladies who are about my speed with whom I enjoyed running immensely. (Above: A was a coach in my club's 10K Training Program. Last year she ran a 10K/3K double at the Capitol Hill Classic. This year she concentrated on the 3K and came in second, fifth overall.)

What are your goals for the coming year?


Sunshine said...

Well, surviving Chicago certainly must be on your accomplishments list for 2007??!!

Christie said...

Wow, that's a lot on your plate for next year. I'm pretty new to this, so my goal is to just keep running.

Black Knight said...

In my opinion you had a wonderful 2007. Now you have more experience for a better 2008. Good luck!
Would you like to train a former runner with a bionic leg?

Anonymous said...

Ha! Funny photo! I'm wishing you find terrific running buddies too. Thought of you as I ran today -- 3 miles in under 25 minutes. Not what I used to be, but sufficient. You had a packed 07 - and don't forget the money that you raised for children by running this year! - A.

jeanne said...

i'd say those are two fantastic years under your belt. i'd try to help you by meeting my goal so you could meet your goal of your runners meeting their goals...arghhh. i'm so thrilled you'll be getting certified!

i hope you find some good running buddies again too. :)

Bex said...

Holy Cow, I look tired in that photo! And I was - my lungs felt like they were on fire in that 3K. Hey, I predict that 2008 is going to be a GREAT running year for you. You're going to kill Leg 6 in the Tahoe Relay. We're counting on you. And I also hope that I can find a running buddy like you here in SoCal. So far, nobody has filled the bill.

m said...

I would like to have the stomach of the last photo girl. That is my goal for 2008.

David said...

Good pair of goal-meeting years there for you. It's a little disconcerting trying to find a new running buddy that is close to your pace and on a similar track of training. Good luck.
I think I've found two for me recently.
My only goals are to continue PRing in the Whole. After four I am learning how to do it.

Just12Finish said...

Run faster. Drop some weight. Then run faster. :-)

Susan said...

Congrats on fabulous years!

In 2008 I would like to run another marathon, and am currently trying to pick one. Have you ever run Big Sur? It looks SUPER HILLY. Yet extremely gorgeous!

Contenders are Shamrock Marathon (Va. Beach, VA), St. Louis (driveable - yay!), Big Sur, etc. Dallas is hilly (Texas Marathon) and OKC is a bit too close to the in-laws.... yet not-so-hilly.

Mostly, though, my goal for 2008 is simply to be as active and involved as I have been this year.

DawnB said...

Peter, nice goals. Looking at your pass year and current year this looks very attainable to me. I'm going into 2008 feeling pretty darn good myself.

Happy holidays!!