Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Goodbye Yoga

I had my last yoga class tonight for awhile. Back when I was running really well in 2006, I was training really hard (doing track workouts) and doing yoga at least once week. It made a real difference in my times by increasing my core strength, helping my flexibility, allowing me to cope with a hamstring injury through stretching routines and teaching me better breathing techniques.

I take a Vinyasa Yoga class at my town's community center from 8 to 9 pm once a week. It forces me to leave work at 7 o'clock to get to it on time because otherwise I'm in no particular hurry to go home to an empty, cold house. (I can't get the thermostat below 49 degrees so sometimes the heat comes on and heats the entire house no matter what I wish.)

Why this brand of yoga? I like the instructor, LR. She doesn't ignore the two men in the room and she doesn't get uptight if things get a little disrupted, like people coming in late. The last class I took, the instructor locked the door right on the hour and I experienced stress whenever I heard the doorknob turn as people tried to enter at one minute past the hour. I didn't like the fact that they were shut out.

Tonight was the last night of class until February and it was a good workout. Me and Larry sort of flopped around while the rest of the class flowed through the mini-vinis. Afterwards I walked out the door of the community center and immediately broke into a run to do the town's 3K Memorial Day Fun Run course. I do that race every year and it's free, self-timed and you get a T-shirt at the end, gratis. It's also flat and short by about 500 feet, so you can get a really good time. Not that any of it is official.

The route leaves from the community center and returns there. All the Moms in the class know my routine and I think they congregate briefly in the parking lot to watch me take off running after every class. I have no doubt they have a good laugh about me after I streak off. (I have determined it is bad form to run to yoga class because no one wants to start a yoga class with a guy in there breathing heavily and already sweating up a storm.)

It's great to run footloose and carefree after spending 55 minutes stretching and 5 minutes luxuriating in a final relaxation pose (which is akin to taking a nap). The kinks are already all worked out.

Tonight I pounded out the 3K in 13:59 (7:30) in the dark. I had no drive in my legs after last weekend's exertions of 30 miles. But the run felt good. I was feeling like such a slug after not running yesterday nor this morning. Maybe I should get a life. (Left: Last Memorial Day, May 28, 2007, I ran a 12:52 (6:54) in the daylight.)

I'll miss yoga til it resumes again.


Rainmaker said...

Not running for a few days does indeed feel weird and sluggish. However, after a few more days you get used to it :). Just gotta do something else to keep everything in check...like Yoga.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Just stopping by to remind you about 8 on the 8th this weekend. I posted some race shirts on my site :D If you do run and post about it, please stop by and let me know so I can include you in the results. Good luck!!

DawnB said...

13 miles in the dark thats pretty good. I have not tried yoga but I hope to one day.

jeanne said...

i'm feeling gross because I haven't run since monday...and tomorrow isn't looking so rosy, although i shouldn't let a little snow get in my way. bring on the yak-traks.

No life???? I know a little race in f'burg on sunday that is simply calling your name.

(are you really sure you want your house temp LOWER than 49F? won't it take all night to heat up? i want a n electric blanket for christmas. i'm just sayin...)

ShirleyPerly said...

I envy your ability to run at night. I used to do it 20-25 yrs ago but not any more for safety reasons. And thanks for reminding me to do some Yoga over the winter. Last year I got my husband a Spinervals Athletic Yoga for Triathletes DVD that I have yet to try.

Susan said...

Ahhhh yoga -- yet another thing I intend to try one day!

Just12Finish said...

S. keeps trying to get me to do yoga. I told her I already know about the napping part at the end of every session.