Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I been hashing

It's been awhile. And I been runnin', finally. And bikin' (SmartBiking). My girlfriend says I've changed since I got back from the Grand Canyon. "People die," she assures me. "Life goes on. What's the matter with you?"

I dunno. She never liked my running anyway. It's always been between us. How could that be?

I raced a 5K on Saturday, the 7th annual Arlington 9/11 Memorial 5K at the Pentagon. It was my fifth running of it, and I brought it home in 24:15 (7:48). My right hammie seized up at MP 2 and I wondered if I could bring it in without walking. Since a former running student of mine was also running, I ran the whole way and dragged myself in a few seconds ahead of her. But now both hammies are on fire all the time. I dunno what's going on. I had even assiduously stretched beforehand.

I did a track W.O. yesterday (9X600, at 3:00 time). My hammies didn't get "warm" till about the fifth sequence.

This Palin thing has bothered me, a lot. I can see that she as governor (in my opinion) got into somebody else's custodial dispute in a big way, bringing that august office down hard upon the father of her nieces and nephews. Being a father who hasn't spoken meaningfully to any of my children in over five years, and whose three self-absorbed children haven't talked to a single relative of mine in over five years, thanks to American Domestic Law (which screws fathers), I am distraught that this vengeance seeking, anti woman's choice, celibacy espousing, gun toting, God-invoking former beauty queen lightweight has gained credence in America as a model for anything. Oh that's right, she wears lipstick and that's what differentiates her from a pit bull. But you could put lipstick on a pig and it'd still be a pig. Hey wait, suddenly you can't utter that venerable good ol' boy saying?

I been hashing, too.


ShirleyPerly said...

Oh no, dreaded hammy problems! Hope it's nothing major. Maybe because you've not been running as much?

Who knows ... but life does go on.

Black Knight said...

Congrats for your under 5/km: a real dream for the wounded Black Knight. But you were there to scare the enemies!
Seriously, I visited Arlington 9 years ago and I left my silver cross under the Viet-Nam memorial, too many persons on that wall, I am sad again.

Don said...

Huh. A relationship with someone who doesn't like your running can't go anywhere. Does she prefer heart attacks? Time to look around at the start line and find a more compatible gal :-)

And maybe you HAVE changed. Change can be good.

Nice time for a 5k! Sorry about the hammies - I wonder if a mile or two of warmup jogging would make a difference.

I could not agree with you more about Sarah Palin. She's way to the right of Barry Goldwater and scares the hell out of me. Worst of all, the truth is a major casualty in her life.

Petraruns said...

Events like those in the Grand Canyon change you. It's inevitable and it will take time to see how, in which way. But this is life happening around you and it SHOULD change you - you are ALIVE. So go with it. IMHO...

And I'm so with you on Palin. You forgot to mention creationism. I'm going to stop now because I don't want to offend other runners but when we meet someday - I won't stop..

Sunshine said...

Thanks for your excellent comments about Palen!

Hoping you and your girlfriend can each find a more satisfactory, wholesome and lifegiving relationship with someone else.

Sunshine said...

Ooops.. I probably meant holistic, not wholesome.. OH well, anyway I believe everybody deserves a supportive relationship?!

jeanne said...

Smartbikin' sounds great! That's a fine 5k time, sorry about the hammies. I bet the gf has many fine attributes. not everyone "gets" running.

I'm sure the GC experience was life-altering. how could it not be??

Good luck with the hammies. maybe you ramped back up too fast?

Heal up.

9/11 made me sad all day long. what a nice tribute from the black knight.

Just12Finish said...

I'm with you. Governer of Alaska is like Mayor of Memphis, at least if you go by population. It ain't all it seems to be once you get past the lipstick.