Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Race is Done

Here's a post I sent out to the runners in the DCRRC 10K Group Training Program, which I have directed for the past three years. This year the experience was better than ever, thanks to the commitment of the participants and the dedication of the coaches. Twenty one persons signed up for the program in early February, and ten runners ran in the Capitol Hill Classic 10K/3K in late May.

After 13 long weeks, the target race is done. These 10 Program athletes ran in the Capitol Hill Classic 10K. Congratulations!

Kathleen 49:42 (2nd in her AG)
David 53:13
John 53:39
Mary Alice 57:29 (3rd in her AG)
Marc ran in the 60 minute range
Joan ran in the 70 minute range
Peter (ran the 3K course)

(Above: Week 11 in the 10K Group. Fast Kathleen is fourth from the left.) These runners, and a couple of other regular Program participants who didn’t run the target race, are in condition to progress on to the next Program offered by the club, its Ten-Mile Training Program. This year DCRRC is the exclusive training partner for the Army Ten-Miler Race, which will be held on October 4, 2009. Training starts on July 11, 2009. The option of a Saturday or a Sunday early morning long run will be offered this year. Please come prepared to run 3 miles the first day. Persons new to running might want to consider the Program’s Jump Start training, a four week program starting on June 13th designed to get each committed person ready to go three miles by July 11th. Sign-ups for the Program are being accepted on the DCRRC website.

Thanks to the 2009 DCRRC 10K Group Training Program coaches. On hand practically every week were Katie, Kathleen, Kristin and Peter. David was there every week until he aggravated an aggravated condition. Ashley, Jay and Sasha provided coaching when available.

I'm proud of you all. Peter (cell phone number).


DawnB said...

nice job coach

Sunshine said...

Hopefully they appreciate Director Peter!
Outstanding Shepherd Award to you... a credit to the sport of running.

Only a split second of distraction resulted in my first fall ever in a race: lesson learned, I hope.
Thanks for your good wishes.