Monday, November 9, 2009

But Shane, there's too many.

The last six months have not been fun. The last sixty days, when I was alone in dealing with three insubordinate board members and a fourth buddy of theirs who were actively usurping the running club, were intolerable. I lost the struggle to these Generation-Y bad-boys because I received no support from the board. So I did the honorable thing by resigning the presidency. I go home and sleep at night.

The key sentence in my resignation letter was, "The refusal of key board members to furnish me with requested information has prevented me from properly monitoring the club activities for which I am putatively responsible." Crucial information was deliberately withheld from me by a couple of the bad boys, and by other board members as well. Over a series of posts I’ll document how it all went down. Let’s call the series, "Access Denied."

During the struggle I pretty much felt like I did during the worst days of my divorce, which cost me a quarter million dollars and my kids to PAS. But these bad boys who are half my age are mere chump-change compared to the battery of unscrupulous or worse divorce lawyers and "professionals" that my ex-wife threw at me while she was "winning." The children lost, that's all I know.

So these guys "won." The club lost, that's all I know. Life goes on. Maybe I'll actually start running again.


Christie said...

I'm sorry that the whole running club thing went down like that :(

Anne said...

I'm eager to read this new "series" b/c I'm going through something similar, just not at the board-level (yet). Very sorry this is how it had to end for you, but there's something to regaining your sleep and maintaining your integrity.

Anonymous said...

Peter - I ran with you during a past training out of Gotta Run and while I feel badly for you, don't you think it's better for you and the club if you just say it didn't work and move on? You're such a nice person and I'm so sorry to see you go through this turmoil, but what happens at a board meeting of an organization should stay there. You'd only look angry and bitter airing the dirty laundry which is no one else's business. Walk away with your pride and head high knowing you did the best job you could have.

Sunshine said...

Anonymous comments are out of order.
And so is the suggestion that board meetings should be "closed".

A heroic leader, a prophet before his time, does service to the organization to tell the story.

Sleep well at night, rejoice in the service you were able to give.

Kungpow12 said...

Don't know if I'd go so far as to say Anonymous was "out of order"...I think that's overstating things a bit, regardless of whether one agrees or disagrees. They didn't say, "Don't talk about what went on behind closed doors...oh, and kicking puppies is OK." That would have been out of order. Board meetings are only closed, I would guess, if the board specifically wants them closed. Otherwise, I'd say the proceedings can be disseminated. FWIW.

It's a shame that something that is supposed to be a fulfilling way of increasing everyone's enjoyment of running has to become a forum for people's egos rather than just a group of like-minded runners. It sounds like you enjoyed being the president of the club, despite the expected headaches that came along with it and I would imagine that the club will be sorry to lose you in the long run.

Ashley said...

Peter - In the end, it's a club, not a job. Any of these people willing to be underhanded and deceitful for their personal gain (or local notoriety (?), if there is such a thing with a running club) are not worth your time. It's ludicrous, and frankly, I'm not sure it's worth your time to write about. None of these people are superfab runners (we know this--you and I have both met superfab runners), but apparently they cling to their authority in the club as part of their identity. You're better than that. I'm sure the club didn't thank you properly, but you know you left a positive mark on countless others -- in particular on beginners, the ones who really [need and] appreciate your help the most.

If you find it satisfying or relieving to write, go for it, but I think Anonymous' point is just to let it go. We all get angry. We all dwell. But frankly, some people are not worth dwelling over. Karma does happen, and those people will someday realize how insignificant this moment of "power" really is. On the other hand, good things come to those who take the high road. Just my thoughts! Miss you!

Ashley said...

Oh, and by the way, I don't mean to say "taking the high road" means not writing about this. That's your decision, and realistically, that's what blogs are all about.