Saturday, February 6, 2010


Each year on my profile I list six different all-time fave movies, one from each decade I have lived in. Choosing only one from each decade is both challenging and fun.

The first year I blogged I chose Shane, 2001, Alien, Platoon, Fargo and Chicago. The next year I chose Forbidden Planet, Dr. Strangelove, The Conversation, Blade Runner, Saving Private Ryan and Sideways. Last year I chose It!, Bullitt, The French Connection, The Terminator, Unforgiven and Gladiator. I think you could take those eighteen movies and a DVD player to a desert isle and be happy for a long while. Well, at least half a month.

This year the first movie I am choosing, Objective Burma!, was made in the forties but I remember watching it as a boy in the fifties on a tiny black and white TV and being entranced by Errol Flynn and his indigenous band of warriors parachuting into the jungle and making an arduous trek to an enemy radio station and destroying it after a terrific battle. I was inspired by it to draw a comic book that pretty much tracked the movie. I still have that book.

Morgan! is my choice of a movie from the sixties. It's a great psychological study, and who could forget the scene of David Warner flying on a motorcycle into the drink in his burning gorilla suit? From the seventies it's The Last Picture Show, Peter Bogdanovich's black-and-white adaption of the Larry McMurtry book of coming of age in a small town in Texas. Jeff Bridges as the high-school jock who goes off to fight in the Korean war is excellent, as always.

Aliens and Schindler's List were my choices for the eighties and nineties. Aliens is the rare sequel that is every bit as good as the original film (Alien) in the series. James Cameron scores again. Schindler's List is Steven Spielberg's great study of courage, barbarity and pathos.

For the oughts, I choose Avatar. Go see it! Afterwards, read Forever Peace by Joe Haldeman.

Next year I'll have yet another decade to choose movies from.


Danielle said...

Avatar? REally? I enjoyed it, but I wouldn't put it as a favorite of the naughts! Of course, I saw it in the 10s, so so far it would only be between that and Sherlock Holmes for best of the 10s as those are the only two I have seen this year :-)

Just_because_today said...

and my answer remains the same, I seldom go to the movies but I shocked myself by going to two I enjoyed "Blind Side" and "It's complicated" - my favorites of all times remains "Bridges of Madison" and "Falling in Love"

Sunshine said...

Can't defend or explain... The 15movies in my profile delight or entertain, and I still enjoy watching them again.

But also, I look forward to releases of new movies on CD, because I need closed captioning to get all the dialog.

Thanks for your interesting list of favorites.