Monday, February 22, 2010

Storm Two

We're supposed to get rain today or tomorrow which might finally wash away the piles of dirty snowbanks lying everywhere from the double set of blizzards we were hit with earlier this month. It's been the snowiest winter ever in DC.

The first storm was fun, because you could go down and play in it as it fell and afterwards, although it was deep. The second storm arrived four days later and was brutal. It came with a howling wind, causing it to snow sideways. It was frigid, left an icy shell of top level snow and was no fun. It forced the snow inside the house.

The next day did dawn, however.

The streets were impassable.

Some people had fun with it though.


Rainmaker said...

Did you build the tunnel? Cause if so, that's pretty awesome. Though, it's still pretty awesome either way.

Just_because_today said...

we are getting now, finally. For once we were spared and the south got it before we did but now it is getting even with us.
I no longer play in it although today I felt like I could if I had a playmate

Sunshine said...

A little half marathon run in Fort Lauderdale last Sunday took our minds off the snow.

Good pictures.