Monday, March 24, 2014

Getting in some miles

It was a good weekend for running.  On Saturday I ran westbound on the W&OD Trail from my house for two and a half miles and returned, burning up an extra three quarters of a mile in my neighborhood before I drove over to Bluemont Park in Arlington to run two miles with my old running buddy David, who is trying to return to running after some serious injuries.  (The sky over Arlington on Sunday;)

We accomplished the two miles on the W&OD Trail in about eleven-minute miles talking about our woes with our children and divorce.  The two seem to be related for men our ages whose family lives are ripped asunder when the woman gets a divorce lawyer and determinedly sets about eviscerating the father of her children like slicing up a butterfly, pinned wings outspread to a plywood board, with an exacto knife.  Yep, that's how I still feel about it after all these years.  (Bluemont Park on Saturday.)

On Sunday I ran 6.55 miles through Arlington, starting out on the W&OD Trail and then running through the parts in Northern Arlington where I used to live.  I'm signed up for a half-marathon in September so I wanted to get in a run that equaled half that distance.  (Charles A. Stewart Park on Sunday.)

Two weeks ago I ran five times for 25 miles total, and last week I ran five times for 29.7 miles total.  So far this week I have run 14.5 miles in two days, projecting ahead to thirty miles for the week, and we'll see if  my chronically injured left ankle will stand the strain.  (Tuckahoe Park on Sunday.)

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