Monday, November 24, 2014


Earlier this year my agency moved from its three scattered locations to a single location (plus some folks still at the headquarters building half a mile away) at L'Enfant Plaza.  There's quite a little federal beehive of activity down there, with HUD and the Constitution Center and other federal locales.  (My new cozy office.)

Basically it's a downsizing, as we all traded our more commodious offices, as befits working professionals, for tiny windowless offices or cubicles for the paralegals.  But we're on the 10th floor facing south with no view obstructions so our vista of the Potomac and the Virginia shoreline is spectacular as seen from the corridor windows.  (Sunsets are spectacular sometimes from our perch on the tenth floor.)

The noontime running is better, with many more places to run, as Haines Point, the waterfront, Nats Stadium, the Tidal Basin, Capital Hill and the Mall are all less than a mile away.  At the old location only Cap Hill and the eastern edge of the Mall were within a mile.  (Running around the Tidal Basin with a co-worker at noon, my favorite run.)

Plus my commute is shorter, by twenty minutes per day.  Progress, I guess.  (The early morning sun reflects off the tenth floor windows of my workplace.)

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