Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

On this Thanksgiving, I am grateful to have received information within this past week about my oldest son, Jimmy Rogers, thanks to an anonymous comment on this blog which I had deleted thinking it was spam since it contained an unknown URL.  Regretfully, I have heard nothing from or about Jimmy for over seven years.  (A hat-trick striker and reserve goalie for the McLean Sting, ca 1999.)

He's in his late twenties now and until this past weekend I literally didn't know if he was alive or well or anything at all about his adult life.  It's the same situation for my other two sons, except that they each used up all eight semesters of the Virginia pre-paid college tuition plans that I purchased with them as the beneficiaries, so their trails didn't run cold until 2010 for Johnny and 2012 for Danny, when I stopped receiving annual statements from those two plans I owned.  (The plan I own with Jimmy as beneficiary has never been applied for and will be vacated forcibly by the IRS soon if it's not used or a suitable "hardship" story isn't tendered immediately to account for the delay in its use since Jimmy's high school graduation.)  (Danny and Johnny in Maine, ca 1996.)

According to a recent press release on the Internet which the URL led me to, Jimmy is an entrepreneur in Arlington, trying to bring a product he invented to market.  I wish him success.  (Jimmy and his partner.)

Of course I stand ready and am eager to spend 5 or 10 minutes, or more if he'd like, to catch up with him (or any of my sons) at a Starbucks over coffee or a restaurant over a meal.  I am free every day in December except for December 22-24th.  (Shenandoah Valley, circa 1998.)

I regret that Jimmy, and Johnny and Danny as well, have not responded to any of the invitations to them that I have sometimes posted publicly, not knowing their addresses or phone numbers, but I will always be available if they ever reach out to me.  Any father who loved his children would do the same.  (Happier times.  On the Arkansas River in 2001.)


Anonymous said...


Read in Arlington Now he's working out of that TechShop.


peter said...

Thanks, Anonymous. I sent an email addressed to Jimmy at OnYou and also asked his Mother when I happened to encounter her recently on a public street if he was well, married or had children and where he lived, but I received no answer to the email or any of those questions. Perhaps some day I will receive an answer or chance upon him, until then I can only hold myself available to him, and my other sons, as I always have and as a man and a father naturally would for his children.