Friday, March 27, 2015

Happy happy Sharon as you crawl through your sixties

Hard truisms adhere to the institution of divorce that while sounding like cliches are absolutely true and immutable like No Good Deed Goes Unpunished and A Lie Repeated A Thousand Times Becomes The Truth.  You have to consider the characters involved in divorce, which is inexplicably an adversarial legal process set within an intimate family setting, absolutely inappropriate because the law is driven by the lowest common denominator, hence the saying that The Law Is The Minimum Of Morality.

I wouldn't wish divorce upon anyone, it is a society-sanctioned unbridled assault upon family, character and decency, driven by bottom-dwelling pariahs of the legal profession who provide the most hysterical and unbalanced personality in the mix with a vehicle to vent that person's spleen, while the law firm eviscerates the family's corpus for the lawyers' own gain and they utterly destroy the family members' lifetime associations which provides, I guess, an added rush of heady adrenaline to these bottom-feeding intellectual bullies' pathetic, warped existences.  Divorce is so bad that it exposes western marriage as the failed institution it is, although nobody's listening.

My divorce was final a decade ago yet it still impacts me everyday.  My three children had their wills overborne as impressionable minors by their Mother and her coterie of "professionals" and not a one of my children has spoken to a single family member of mine in over a decade, or me in over seven years.

They are adults now so their actions are upon themselves, but as children they were subjected to the irresistible machinations of the supposedly loving family member who obscenely capitalized upon the position casually given to that self-absorbed parent by mere societal custom, by the court acting upon mere gender perception that the primary caregiver would act "in the best interests of the children," a destructive phrase that has been the cause of untold damage to impressionable young minds.  Acting in conjunction with that narcissistic person were other reprehensible adults, avaricious money-driven or spiteful agenda-driven "professionals" who created the children's current barren tableaux.

Monstrous adults.  We have met the enemy and they are us.

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