Friday, March 13, 2015


Running on the Mall one workday at noon with two friends from work, one of them wondered about a hidden memorial to American GI's in the forties reputed to be somewhere close by as we ran past the World War II Memorial.  Sort of a secret history of monuments in DC type of thing.

I told him we'd take a look as long as we were there and we went around the outside back of the memorial until we were stopped by a construction fence next to some stairs. "I dunno, and now we're stuck," I told him.

My friend glanced around one last time, perplexed, and then suddenly, there it was! The secret tribute to Kilroy.

My friends thought my little joke was pretty funny.  Now another secret is that there isn't only one but there are actually two of these memorials to GI's in the Good War down there.

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