Friday, September 9, 2016

Miles is miles, right?

I got ahead of my running routine before my surgery on August 12th by running every day for much of the latter part of July and all of early August including on the morning of surgery.  My discipline is that I run five times a week, no matter how far, and that's what forces me to keep my hand in the game.  (Three miles done in the early morning, now bring on the surgeon at 7 a.m.!)

I felt I was in a good place on the day I had the double procedure, with a good running base, working on strength training even, and then, well, I walked six blocks the next day, for a few blocks the day after that, then two miles a day on the third day through seventh day before I was able to shuffle a mile on the eighth day, slowly and laboriously, with two walk breaks.  (Walking three blocks to get coffee, and three blocks back, the day after surgery and discovering it was a long way!)

I was on my way!  I took the ninth day off then ran, if you want to call a shambling gait running, a mile the next day, did my "long" run of two miles the next day and finished off the week with two slow slogs of a mile and a half.  (Back from my "long" run of two miles.)

The next week of running went better with four days of two plus miles each day plus, after a bad day where I felt pain and went to bed, a "long" run of three miles to the Metro Station a mile away along decently lighted streets after I woke up at 4 a.m. with the extra mile burned off in the the well lighted parking garage.  My belly button hernia repair is healed and gave me no trouble after a few days but the abdominal surgical repair has taken longer than I anticipated to heal and still gives me trouble sometimes, which limits my length and pace of runs considerably and has forced me to put off notions of resuming my strength training for the foreseeable term.  (Back after the next week's "long" run of three miles!)

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