Friday, October 14, 2016

Running out September

The last week of September, as my surgical procedure in August continued to bother me, I still ran five times but I scaled back my weekly mileage total to 15 miles, with a long run of five miles.  That gave me a total of 77.2 miles during twenty runs for the month.

That compared to 90 miles in August, where I ran considerable miles prior to surgery.  Still, I felt I was recovering, albeit slowly, especially since I still couldn't do upper body work which put too much strain on my stomach muscles.

September had its pleasures outside of running though.  My sister came to visit me and we toured DC a little, going to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum out by Dulles Airpot.  I went out to a beer house in the District with a friend on her birthday, had lunch in my town with a former colleague at work, breakfasted in Arlington with a former and future running buddy and his new wife and canvassed door-to-door for the Arlington Democrats.

I looked forward to ramping up my mileage and pace in October and doing some more volunteering in the presidential campaign.  Life is running but there are some things that transcend running.

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