Friday, January 6, 2017

Finally, a run

I ran my first "long" run of the year yesterday, 5 miles of hills in the subdivision behind the 'hood instead of on the Mall as originally planned when the person I was going to run with bailed.  I ran on New Year's day also, and two days ago as well, but those were only runs of a couple of miles.

I like running through new neighborhoods; I get to looking at the houses and speculating as to what it might be like to live there or how much it might cost or what the view might look like from the porch.  This particular house took the prize yesterday as the coziest brick house, always a favorite category of mine.

I got to thinking about things as I loped dreamily along thinking about the new year, did the math in my head and determined that it has been ten years since I last heard from any son of mine.  The last communication was a breezy letter from my youngest son asking me to provide for 100% payment of his college tuition and fees at VCU, which I did.

Hey, you're welcome, youngest son.  And happy birthday, middle son!

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DawnB said...

so sorry to come back and see that your are still having issues with your sons. Never give up!