Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Putin's Poodle

My sister in St. Paul sent me some photos of the march in the Twin Cities on day 2 of the Trump administration, when millions of people nationwide were marching peacefully to express their concerns over the president's statements, actions and intentions, stated or secret.  At the same time, Sean Spicer, the brand new White House press secretary, was administering his notion of a beat-down to the press in an unhinged, 5-minute howl at  "youz guys" for reporting on the relative size of the inaugural crowd while the president was standing in front of a wall honoring fallen CIA heroes at the CIA giving a stump speech, as shameless sycophants in the audience applauded him when he promised that the "dishonest" (substitute the word "critical") press would pay big time in his "running war with the media."

My sister reported there were about 100K marchers in St. Paul.  The top picture is by David Joles of the Minneapolis newspaper, the next three are by David Brewster, formerly of the St. Paul newspaper.

On Sunday, advisor to the president Kellyanne Conway gave her notion of a beat-down to the press in a cringeworthy 13-minute yowl in which she laughably cited to "alternative facts."  Meanwhile the president still falsely claims that the reason he lost the popular election by almost 3 million votes is because millions of illegal aliens cast votes.

Russian strongman and former KGB chief Vladimir Putin and FBI Director James Comey would seem to be unlikely bedmates.  They gave us this meglomaniacal narcissist.

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blue-haired lady said...

Nice Pictures. I also sent a nice note to the Indiana State Senator this morning over his dismissal that the marches were 'fat women out walking.'

"Dear Senator Sandlin,
Thank you for your concern over "fat Women walking." I myself am 5'6" and 145 pounds. Not as svelte as I was in my youth, but close to six decades will do that to you. Happily for my health, I anticipate plenty of other necessary walks in the near future.

Yours in democracy, although I outdo you in civility, "
[DC Spinster's sister]

The note was very satisfying to send.