Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Break Up the Team!

Running update: On Monday I ran the Falls Church Memorial Day 3K Fun Run, held this year in memory of Jerry Ziskind, a local teacher who passed on in December. My oldest son had him in first grade and he was a wonderful teacher. It's nice to see educators recognized.

Although my left leg continues to be sore due to tendonitis, it warms up after about a mile and is okay. My time was 12:52 (6:54). I passed the first mile in about 7:45 then sped up. I'll tell you a secret about this free, unrecorded 3K race. It's short by about 500 feet so it's great for PRs. I think my real pace for the actual distance was about 7:34.

Team update: Team results came out for the Capitol Hill Classic which was run on May 20th. The competitive race is the 10K but the 3K, which my team entered, has a team competition too. This is the second year in a row we won. Our team's average time for the 3K was 12:30. We beat the next team by over eleven minutes, which had an average time of 23:41. Here are the 1927 Yankees immediately after the race.

(Above: Murderers' Row, right to left, with our overall standings in the 3K race. G, first, A, fifth, myself, fifteenth, Bex, seventeenth out of 273 participants. Among the women, A was second and Bex was fourth. How did I sneak into company like this?)

The field included an interloper I'm not counting, a young man in his twenties who supposedly was a 64-year old woman. He/she/it got into fifth place just ahead of A. He/she hasn't come forward yet. The heck with him/her. This phantom is screwing up the masters division, the over-60 age group and the male results. He was sitting in second place in the female results for awhile until the women complained and then they dumped him into fourth place on the men's side as a 64-year old unknown. Sheesh.

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