Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Running Start Foundation

Please help: It's up and official! Both A and myself have our charity-running websites up as we each raise money for A Running Start when we run Chicago on October 7th.

A Running Start has a mission of addressing the impoverishment of the East African part of our world through sports, by enabling youngsters in that running-rich region to attend U.S. schools on running scholarships (as Rich once joked to me, we need to encourage the Kenyans to keep beating us so badly in marathons, right?), encouraging students to stay in school and using sports to promote development and education. (Left: A on the bridge.)

A explains it better than I do. She's also far ahead of me, already, in her training for the marathon and she's going to kick my butt in it. She's leading the whole Chicago-group in fundraising. Go to her site and help her out.

Or go to my site and help me out. It's a good cause, and God willing, I know we're both gonna do our best on October 7th. (Right: 2006 NYCM, 15 minutes away from Tavern on the Green.)

Running update: I ran 50.5 miles in May. On Tuesday morning I ran a mile around my house to limber up in 7:31. Leading a running group of four at work yesterday at noon, I ran about 4.3 miles on the Mall in about 43 minutes.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out! I look forward to it! Just gotta keep ourselves healthy so that we can make sure we actually run the race! -A

jeanne said...

You'll be in the next Charity-o-Rama, so no worries! And hey, don't forget about the mile you told me you WALKED, just to see what all the fuss was about!