Saturday, June 2, 2012

Four Miles, Negative Split

I'm going to attempt to build up my base like I did last fall when I got it up to nine miles by running increasing distances each Saturday with John on the hilly Custis Trail.  Then things intervened and we both lost our bases.

We started last week anew with a 3.5 mile spin around Lincoln from Iwo.  This week I'm going on my annual Bucket Trip so I can't run with John, but we're both still responsible for doing 4 miles as our "long run" this week.

I ran the four miles yesterday on the W&OD Trail where it passes by my back yard.  I went from milepost 7 to MP 9 and back, in spattering rain (I missed torrential downpours, both before my run and afterwards).

It was a good solo run.  I did the first mile in 10:20, then turned around at two miles at 20:16.  Going out westbound is uphill, especially where the trail climbs over I-66, so coming back I was working for a negative split, which I rarely do because when I get tired I slow down instead.

I don't recall what time I passed the 3d mile marker because I was watching the threatening skies then, worrying about rain and hearing thunder, but I found myself with my house in view with about a minute to get to it to break 40 (or ten-minute miles).  Picking up the pace I reached my starting point at 39:51, happy to put my fourth and last run for the week in the bank with17.9 miles logged.

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A Plain Observer said...

glad to see you are getting it back. I have no speed but I was never fast, I am just slower, but like you are, I am happy to be there doing it.
Enjoy every step of that journey