Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WTR, Week 7

Cycle Two of the MCC Walk-To-Run (WTR, or Couch to 5K) program is going well.  I am running Saturdays with John now so I only show up occasionally, like last Saturday when John was unavailable to run.

Five people total showed up, but that's five people enjoying exercise in the great outdoors that otherwise would just be zee-ing in their beds at that time.  As usual we went four miles, the northern route on the Mount Vernon Trail from the Mariners' statue to Roosevelt Island and back.

The rest of the group did a 1/4 run/walk ratio while I took star pupil S, a walker getting accustomed to running, out on a half on/half off ratio.  It was pleasant as it went fast enough (54 minutes) and S is interesting to talk with, a lawyer, liberal (I think--she's from Massachusetts) and an accountant. 

Whenever we were jogging I did all the talking but she hung in there and said she had felt challenged at the end.  And then as usual, at 9 am on Saturday the entire weekend stretched pleasurably out before me, my having already done my exercise for the day.

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