Friday, June 1, 2012

Two Days, 12 Miles

After my Memorial Day 3K race, I took Tuesday off.  Wednesday and Thursday I ran with L on the Mall from Union Station to Lincoln and back again, about six miles each day.

Wednesday we did a mini-Memorial Day run, six miles at an 8:41 pace not counting walking and waiting breaks, stopping to walk through the WW2, WW1 and Vietnam memorials out of remembrances of past sacrifices of soldiers for us.  At WW2 I took L by the names of battles people close to me had fought at carved on the walls.

"Battle of the Bulge is where my friend's Dad fought, in a tank killer with Patton's Third Army.  Sicily is where my Uncle Bob flew over, he was a B-26 pilot.else I knew is over on the Pacific side.  Peleliu and Okinawa are where my Dad fought.  The Philippine Sea, Leyte Gulf and Tokyo are where his older brother, my Uncle Harry, fought.  He was a Marine Gunnery Officer on board a light cruiser and he also was offshore at Peleliu, Okinawa and Iwo Jima when the Marines went ashore, bombarding the islands.  Manila is where my Uncle Bill served with the Army."

L is a good sport and acted interested as I related these tales.  She professed when we walked by it that the Vietnam Wall is her favorite memorial.  I love it too but as I really don't know anyone who served there, and knew a lot of WW2 vets, I'm attracted to the WW2 and Iwo Jima memorials.

Thursday at noon we just did the out and back run, in 54:02 not counting wait breaks.  That seems to be a 9:00 pace to me.  I'm happy with where I'm at currently as I have dropped 15 of the 20 extra pounds I came back from Dallas with in December.

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