Friday, December 19, 2014

Daytime Holiday Lights Run

Usually I take a group out from work after dark on a December evening for a Holiday Lights Run around the Mall.  There are plenty of lighted Christmas trees there to run to and enjoy in their lighted brilliance.  (Below: The Police Tree, circa 2012.)

We're all busy at work doing more with less so this year only Lia and I went out on a modified Holiday Lights Run, in the afternoon.  It was a fun run of about five miles.

First we ran to the tree in front of the Capitol.  As always, it was well-decorated and very pretty.

Next we ran to the tree at the Canadian embassy.  That had not been on the tour formerly, so I'm glad Lia spotted it on the embassy's porch as we ran by down Pennsylvania Avenue towards the Ellipse.

Next up was a run across Freedom Plaza where there was no tree made out of an iron bar, recycled plastic streamers and empty cans as in the days of the Occupy Movement there, but tents were being set up on the plaza for a Homeless rally and sleepover that night, with a shout out gesture planned for the next morning to greet DC Mayor Gray as he went to his office in the building across the street. (Below: The Occupy Tree, 2011.)

The National tree on the Ellipse seemed a little skimpy this year but perhaps it only seemed that way since it wasn't lit up at the time.  Since it is also Hanukkah, the Menorah was up.  Surprisingly, there is a crèche in one corner of the holiday display.

To finish our run we ran around the Lincoln Memorial.  To our amazement, we watched a fox by the Memorial Bridge patiently and purposefully cross three busy lanes of traffic and bound into the shrubbery on the west side of the Memorial at the base.  We told a ranger about our observation and he explained that there was a den of foxes that lived there and they were quite clever and observant about crossing traffic while going to and fro.

I wasn't swift enough or sure enough with my digital camera to capture the fast moving fox so I had to satisfy myself with a picture of two mounted Park Police horses instead.  They accommodatingly stood still and I was able to line the shot up and capture the scene.

The weather cooperated as it was a pleasant 45 degrees and dry, but with a little bit of a biting wind.  It was an excellent run.

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