Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Speaking to James Bradley Rogers, John Henry Lamberton & Daniel Wilson Lamberton.

Hey kids, call me. I have news about one of your aunts that you should hear.  Speaking to James Bradley Rogers of Northern Virginia, also John Henry Lamberton and Daniel Wilson Lamberton.


Anonymous said...

I have read your posts and am in a similar boat, with some of the same players. Have you filed any complaints with licensing boards or the Bar? Just curious as I consider how to proceed.

peter said...

To Anonymous. It's a waste of time to file complaints with licensing boards, because they protect their own.

I filed a complaint with the Bar about how one of the lawyers involved threatened a family member of mine with making him a defendant, an ethical violation in my opinion. The Bar dismissed it after interviewing the lawyer involved but not the family member, an adult!

I filed a complaint with the Psychological Board for a court-appointed psychologist giving a child of mine he was interviewing extensively an expensive gift, to improperly influence him in my opinion, as the charlatan set about assassinating my character (the Court totally ignored his bogus report at the custody hearing) but the board dismissed that saying the child's mother apparently claimed she was the source of the expensive and inappropriate gift and the "doctor" was merely delivering it for her!

I filed a complaint with the Board about another Psychologist seeing a child of mine secretly, in violation in my opinion of a Court Order, whose counseling in my opinion led directly to the child expressing threatening ideation towards me and himself, but the board dismissed it saying it lacked jurisdiction.

At that point I stopped wasting my time and accepted (as best I could) that my minor children were the victims of Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS), a form of abuse in my and many other people's opinion, and no licensing board could or would assist any child victimized by that pernicious childhood wrecker or any aggrieved parent from having his or her parental rights stripped away extrajudicially.

Anonymous said...

I am going to go ahead with a formal complaint against one of your same MH professionals. If you're comfortable (and I assume you are, since you've named names), can you distinguish between the "psychologist" and the "social worker" by first initial or number or something? Some people use those terms interchangeably, and I want to make sure I am speaking about the correct person, as I am going to use some of your examples in my complaint since they mirror mine.

peter said...

The court appointed psychologist was Dr. (I use the term lightly, although he probably has a degree from somewhere) Victor Elion of Fairfax. While I was away on vacation with my 3 children the first summer of the divorce their mother had a four hour session with him, and my visitations were never the same after that as he actively subverted, in my opinion, my parenthood from then on.

The secret psychologist seeing at least one of my children (they were secretly shuttled around to several MH "professionals") who violated, in my opinion, not only a standing court order which specified which psychologist the children were to see but also the medical ethical rule of Do No Harm was Dr. Van something (beginning with an S) (it was more than 10 years ago and I never met the person).

The LCSW who "counseled" not only one of my sons but also his mother immediately prior to and during the divorce, and got this stunning conflict of interest okayed "professionally" by a psychologist who was an intimate friend of hers, was Meg Sullivan. I never filed a complaint on her (although in my opinion I had grounds) despite the bull roaring yammering in court of the "kids'" lawyer that I had, b/c filing complaints with professional boards is a waste of time as I learned.

Good luck. Everyone I named is in my opinion a family wrecker and a childhood destroyer, except for Dr. Van something who could have been merely, in my opinion, an avaricious incompetent sap, and in my opinion at least two of them had huge agendas that they were fulfilling.

Anonymous said...

Would it be possible to obtain a copy of the order from which you quote in the last paragraph of your post from February 26, 2009 ("The Conduit")?

If not, can you provide the citation to that order so that I can access a copy myself?

Many thanks,