Sunday, August 10, 2008

Been Running?

In case you're wondering if I have been running since I got back from my summer vacation a month ago, you're not the only one. I have been wondering too.

Clearly there was no running in the bottom of the Grand Canyon. But what's my excuse since I got back?

I been running some, but not much. In all of July I ran 52.7 miles, and only one race (my monthly noontime 3K dash around the Tidal Basin). That's it. My one long run was ten miles of sightseeing I did along the Mall with a visiting RBFer.

When I'm not running much I cheat and get in my five times running per week by running solitary miles. I can always fit those in. Six of my "runs" in July were of the solitary mile variety. Although they were all under eight minutes, only one was under seven minutes, my desired goal.

Why the slackard month? Life is complicated. That's the sum total of my wisdom after 56 years.

I came back from my "trip of a lifetime" down the Grand Canyon and running suddenly seemed less important. I took greater pleasure in writing about the trip than in running on the roadways. All of my running buddies have moved away or gotten hurt. The ten-mile training program I direct for my club has started up and that keeps me busy, basically running with novices. I realize that people see me as a Johnny-One-Note, a running nut, so I have been working on being more variegated.

Yeah, my running currently sucks. I think life is intruding. It's either that or advancing age.


Susan said...

I bet you'll be hard at it soon enough.

jeanne said...

sometimes your body just needs a break.

i happen to know two other sports that are calling your name...


Sunshine said...

Yes!! Good to take time off once in a while.

The thing I love about running, though, it is always there... Just put on your running shoes, dress for the weather, grab a water bottle and you are off on the trail behind your house or the street out front.
And hope to be able to at least walk/run when you turn 100!
Everything else is cross-training.

(And cheers to Jeanne for her brave cross-training, of course.)

ShirleyPerly said...

I too think it's good to take time off. You know if you want more variety, there's always triathlons :-)

Thanks for the comments about the road bike. 700 wheels are a larger size wheel that most people have on their bikes. It's much easier to find tires, tubes and replacement/extra wheels than for 650 wheels, which is what I have now on my tri bike. Due to the frame geometry differences between a tri bike and a road bike frame, the latter may be able to accommodate the larger wheel and still fit me.

Jade Lady said...

I do find that running on and on does get old. One's body and/or mind needs a break from the routine - to rejuvenate.

It's nice to see a runner blogger's life outside of running too. You're quite the eloquent writer, whatever you write about!

Sunshine said...

So Lewis & Clark Marathon this weekend might be blessed with the tail end of the IKE hurricane?
We'll let you know!