Sunday, August 3, 2008

Grand Canyon, Day Six

Day Six in the Grand Canyon: Running one of North America's most ferocious rapids, Lava Falls, waving goodbye to eight party members, a boat-to-boat running water fight, leaping off a cliff into the Colorado River and...

Vulcan's Anvil, the neck of an ancient volcano thrusting up into the river. Photo credit Barry.

Am I ever going to blog about running again? Photo credit Harrie.

A willow grows out of a crevice in a boulder in the river. Photo credit Barry.

We are not the first. Photo credit Dennis.

Andy, the musical prodigy. He & Barry played 60s river and traveling songs every night. A twenty-something that actually liked hanging with fifty-somethings, he was there with his Dad, CJ, over whom he kept a watchful, loving eye. In the background is Diamond Peak. Photo credit Harrie.

Dennis. Photo credit Dennis.

Evening comes to the Canyon. Photo credit Dennis.


ShirleyPerly said...

Wow, I'm just catching up on all my blog reading and astounded to see all these wonderful photos. Truly magnificent scenery. The rafting company you went with should link their website to yours.

Rainmaker said...

The last photo of the Canyon is awesome! I remember doing a rafting trip and oddly have a very similiar dusk photo of the canyon walls that's always stuck with me.

Jade Lady said...

These photos are spectacular! Thanks for sharing!