Monday, March 8, 2010

Caught On Camera

I went running with a workmate at lunchtime in the District. Since she is pregnant and I am returning from an injury, we were the perfect match as we did a leisurely 2.1 mile crawl up and around Capitol Hill in a little under 29 minutes, including stops.

The interesting thing was we got waylaid by a TV crew around the Japanese-American Internment Park near the Capitol. Recently there was a spate of hit-and-runs in the metro area which caused two pedestrian deaths, including a runner struck and killed near the White House. (Right: A crane struggles to be free at the memorial park on Louisiana Avenue.)

Newscaster: "Sir, as a runner, do you always obey all the traffic laws whenever you jog in the District?"

Me: "[Extended laughter.] I always run with full awareness of my surroundings, including auditory, no headphones see, and am always constantly looking around and exercising all due care with regard to the traffic around me."

Newscaster: "I'll take your laugh to indicate, 'No.'"

Me: "I didn't say, 'No.' I said that as most runners do, I am always fully cognizant of my surroundings as I run. I appreciate the fact that all vehicles are potentially lethal to runners and exercise appropriate caution, especially at intersections."

As we ran away, my companion complimented me on not blatantly admitting to any law violations on camera. Laughing, she described my running style. "Because you're a darter."


Danielle said...

Gosh, I always use the lights as an excuse to take a break - no one will ever accuse me of being a darter!

ShirleyPerly said...

Happy to hear you are back out there running!

Sunshine said...

Great that you are running again. I am ever-impressed at the mind, body, spirit benefits.
Runners are supposed to obey traffic laws?? Staying alive is a good priority.

Always sad about your boys. And now a new chapter: the days of their being children has truly gone by. More to grieve.
Still, a hope for someday.....