Saturday, March 6, 2010

Running again?

My mysterious ankle injury started hurting worse and worse each run last fall, until I stopped running shortly before the race I was training for, the Army Ten-Miler, and saved myself to run in the race. I was the leader for the 9:00/mile (1:30:00) pace group, and I brought it home in 1:29:46 (8:58).

I couldn't walk the next day and basically I haven't run since, for five months. My left ankle still hurts.

Blah blah blah. It sucks, just like life does sometimes. (Happier times last October. Post-race with a friend who ran with my pace group during the ATM.)

But I have a set of orthotics waiting for me to pick up at the podiatrist's, I "ran" (ran/walked) a mile this week in 15:24, I plan to run twice next week, three times the week after that and so on. We'll see.


Danielle said...

Good luck with the injury - months without running totally sucks!

Rainmaker said...

Are you permitted to water run? Either via the ground, or using one of those floaty water running things. I know a few pro-athletes that have been stuck running pool laps in the floaty thing.

Joe the Novelist said...

Time to start barefoot running. Start very slowly though.