Wednesday, March 31, 2010

So sorry!

Earlier this week I sent this message to my running buddy Bex, who decamped for California a few years back. For three straight years I have run in the DeCelle Memorial Lake Tahoe Relay on her team each June while staying at her and her husband's house at the lake, Tahoebliss, working my way around the 72-mile lake leg by leg.

Hi Bex,

Since I was injured in October (Posterior Tibial Tendonitis or Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction) at the ATM, I have basically been unable to run. The good news is that as I try to come back, today I was able to run three miles at a 10:20 pace with custom orthotic inserts while wearing a boot-type high-lace ankle brace, which I wear every waking moment now. The bad news is that the run just about defeated me, constant low-level ankle pain aside, as without the frequent stops caused by busy traffic at intersections on the Mall while thousands of tourists on Spring Break streamed by enjoying the Cherry Blossom Festival, I doubt if I could have finished the “run” without stopping to walk. I am so out of condition that I could barely talk to my companion as we ran along.

This was my litmus test for the grueling relay run in a little more than two months. Unfortunately, because of my debilitating injury, woeful shape, lack of ability to train even minimally in the time left and given my current condition, I cannot participate in the relay this year. I never before thought I would be so brought down by an injury.

I am so sorry! I did after all lay claim to Leg Seven for this year. I hope to be a valued member of the team in coming years, but only if I can compete without foreseeable embarrassment to my self or having a predictable disastrous effect upon the team (I realize that blow-ups during runs do occur sometimes, especially given the strenuous circumstances attending this high-altitude race).

(Right: The 2009 team. Bex is seond from the left. On the far right is my former running buddy Ashley, who also cannot participate this year. To the left of her is John, our teammate who passed on a few months ago. The team's 2010 run will be in his memory.) I hope this gives you time to replace me, Bex, and that the Band of Outsiders participates in the race this year and does as well as it is capable of doing. The last three DeCelle Lake Tahoe Relays have a cherished place in my memory, and I hope to be back in the future to tackle the four legs that I haven’t run.



Just_because_today said...

honest statement that she will appreciate. Taking time to nurture an injury is the only way (whether we like it or not) to heal from it and not just physical injuries...

Petraruns said...

Oh Peter - this stuff happens with races and runners. A good honest email with best wishes - life is like this. You will be fine, and it will be fine. Keep at it, slow and steady.

The Green Girl said...

The custom orthotics have been a lifesaver for me, too.

I hope your foot continues to heal quickly.