Monday, September 21, 2015

A Dentist

So I came in for some major dental work before my trusted dentist retired, and she deadened my mouth so she could shave down the tooth in the lower right corner of my mouth.  Meanwhile she jabbed the other side of my mouth with novocain as well so she could drill out those two old fillings and refill them.

I could tell things were not progressing nicely when she muttered, "Oh, God," when the first filling was removed.  She was silent when the second filling was drilled out but amidst the smell of scorching teeth and the suction required to keep me from drooling as the second filling came out, I noticed the lack of any encouraging salutation when she finished on that side.

Cha-ching!  She took photos, which she showed me, disclosing cracks in both teeth, hidden for decades under the old fillings, running across the floor of the two teeth and which were bad.

She told me that both of those teeth also needed crowns before one or the other shattered under some awkward bite.  And then she set to work on shaving down the tooth she was going to fit for a crown that day, and that's when the real trouble started.

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