Thursday, September 17, 2015

Busy Times

I ran 90 miles in August, 102 miles in July and 110 miles in June.  I run 4 or 5 times during the noon hour on the Mall on weekdays and pick up any running days on the weekend to ensure that I run five times each week.

Usually I run with one or more running buddies but lately I've been doing a lot more solo runs because everyone at work has gotten so insanely busy (new management showing its mettle on the backs of its workers) and my weekend running buddy left town.  Oh well, we came into this world alone and that's the way we'll leave it too.

The last two days I've run alone, 6 miles around Capital Hill to around Lincoln, and 5 miles around the Tidal Basin to Lincoln going over the Washington Monument hill twice.  Once I settle into each run and my breathing becomes less ragged, my pace picks up to where it almost feels like I'm going as fast as I used to run in the old salad days mid-decade last decade, somewhere in the eights.

Weekends I always run alone.  That's probably a precursor to what I'll be doing after my retirement someday (did I already indicate what management at work is doing at the expense of everyone else there?).

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