Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Are you there?

So I haven't posted in a while.  But who reads this stuff here anymore anyway.

Facebook (I have an account).  Twitter (I think it's stupid, but I've engaged in a twitter chat, at work).  But what do I know, I'm outdated and ready for the discard pile, my shelf life is past the expiration date.

Instagram.  YouTube.  Today I ordered an entry level android from AT&T to replace my dumb phone that doesn't connect to the Internet.  Am I a half-decade too late?  When I purchased a digital camera to carry on runs in 2013, my young technology mentor sniffed--Now you're only five years behind the times (it wasn't an I-phone).

But I'm still running as I move through my sixties.  Those 45 minutes moving outside, sometimes with friends, working the muscles, taking down runners ahead of me and dreading faster runners coming up behind me ( I look back sometimes), that's what keeps me going.  I have raced twice this year, which I'll tell you about soon.


Anonymous said...

"Who reads this stuff anyway?"

I do. The story of your boys and the parental alienation you experienced touched my heart. My husband and I have been through it, too, with at least two of the same players as you pulling the strings. She's not my daughter; only my step. But I loved her like she was my own...until she was told by her "therapist" that I was aggressive and hostile, and that her father was unreasonable, as well as any other number of divisive things. She banished me from her life, and barely gives her father the time of day. The description of your son's absolute disrespect when you came to pick him up was like reading our story.

Same players, different kids, ten years apart. Families and relationships ruined for no good reason. Legal bills run up. Good relationships torn down. Scorched earth.

So yes. I read your blog. I see your heartbreak in your words, and I keep waiting for a happy ending. For you, for us all. God bless you for your persistence. Your sons have no idea how much they are loved.

peter said...

Thank you for your comment and support. Few people know about, and even fewer people believe, PAS exists in its virulent, destructive form in our society, and how easy it is to do! I believe it's a growing phenomenon, too. There's a potent cast of murderers of childhoods in Arlington and Fairfax Counties, in my opinion all the old regulars like Elion, Van Sicko, Condo, Reichhardt and his minions at his firm, Meg Sullivan and her (former?) close intimate the psychologist who okays (okayed?) her grotesque conflicts as in my opinion she preys upon children. It's sickening as well as disheartening.