Sunday, September 27, 2015

Going Green Turns Brown

How going green becomes brown.  How being sustainable caused waste. 

Sometimes to address stains or odors in my running clothes, I soak my running clothes in Biz, upon the suggestion of a running buddy of mine.  But I noticed that this seemed to streak my tech shirts brown, and I complained to my advisor about her suggestion.
She was stumped, because she uses Biz and it has never had this effect upon her clothes.  I proudly told my friend how Sustainable I was, because not only did I eschew using my dryer and I hung up my clothes on a clothesline in the basement to dry, but I also emptied the water collected in my dehumidifier into my washing machine rather than pour it down the drain.

She knew then what the problem was--the concentrates and sediments in the collected water had ruined my technical shirts, not the Biz.  She commanded me to stop recycling water and to discard the irrevocably stained shirts (but the shirt on the left in the picture is from when I ran the infamous 2006 Chicago 26.2-mile Fun Run!).

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