Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Erik got married.

Erik was my best friend as a boy.  Practically every weekend we played army or Rebel and Yankee together on the hills of Staten Island or conducted interminable battles with little green army men on the floors of our bedrooms.  (I saw Erik in late 2012.)

He was 364 days older than me so one day a year, on my birthday which was a day before his, we were the same age.  We were inseparable, having sleepovers, going miles and miles into the hills, assembling models, going to the Army Navy store to buy left-over WWII equipment to equip ourselves for our "patrols" on the Haystack, a nearby hill, or purchasing another set of lead soldiers for 19 cents each (they were the Americans in our massive battles on the floor) at the dimestore.  (A wedding in Ridgewood, NJ… .)

After 50 years of having lost touch we reconnected on Facebook.  Then in 2012 tragedy struck and he lost his wife and almost lost his life in a small plane crash.  (Erik with his sister-in-law Gerta, who took care of him for months after the accident while he recovered, and brother Mark before the ceremony.)

This past weekend he got married to a wonderful woman he met while recovering from his injuries.  I attended and could observe that they are obviously very happy with each other, and I wish him and Nina all the success in the world.  (Erik dancing with his 91 year old mom at the reception.)

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