Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Final Dental Visit, Part Four.

The dentist came back in and after looking at the fit of the new crown on the top side, she pulled it off so it could be emplaced permanently.  Zing!

"Sensitive, huh?" she remarked, seeing me wince.  "We'll just shoot that up with a mild sedative before we go further with it."

The long needle loomed in front of my face, carrying with it the prospect of needle holes in both sides of my mouth, again.  I sat there glumly, mouth closed tight, for fifteen or twenty seconds composing myself while both women waited patiently before I opened my mouth to accept the shot.

It had been a long three months at the dental office and my pain tolerance was definitely weakening.  While the Novocain took effect on the second tooth, they started in on the lower tooth on that side, the only non-deadened tooth left of the three being worked on that day.

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