Friday, October 9, 2015

Final Dental Visit, Part Seven

I was running home 10 miles from a dentist's appointment in the rain and it felt liberating.  I was free from the anxiety of further dental work, alone on the W&OD Trail with the elements and my thoughts.

There was no turning back once I'd gone a mile because now the silver line Metro station was far behind me and I might as well go on.  Ten miles west of my house, the trail is much more rural with more natural growth, adjacent water and occasional wildlife.

I saw a crane fly by, its wings outstretched, as I traversed a bridge over a rushing stream.  The rain was pattering but not pouring, and it soon stopped, leaving behind puddles and a wet trail.

At Vienna, I was halfway home.  I could have veered off there to a nearby orange line Metro station, but although my legs were getting weary and heavy, I was enjoying the peace and solitude the outing was providing to me.

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